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Boat Model Fleet Kit – Scows

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Scow Fleet Kit set for coaching, sailing instruction, racing rules instruction or race officials for protest meetings. 106 pieces. Magnetic.

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This professional boat model Scow Fleet Kit (106 pieces) can be used for coaching, sailing instruction, racing rules instruction or by race officials for protest meetings. The Scow Fleet Kit includes enough parts for scenarios of four Scow challengers at a time. This kit supports modeling A-Scows, E-Scows, C-Scows or MC-Scows. Every yacht club, sailing school or race official team should have a fleet kit appropriate to the fleets that they sail or host.

There are four hull sets (red, blue, yellow, green) and four hulls per color numbered 1 through 4 to indicate competitor and time sequence. This Scow Fleet Kit includes Mains, Jibs and Spinnakers/chutes to detail sail position for 16 boats. Fleet kit parts are interchangeable. Marks, wind and current arrows, and coach or race official boats models enable depicting scenarios for:

  • Sailing Strategy
  • Depicting Incidents
  • Rules Instruction
  • Protest Meetings

The Scow Fleet Kit pieces have magnets to adhere to appropriate whiteboards or metal surfaces. All components are rust-avoiding acrylic or stainless steel for use near water. The models are easy to manipulate and are robust and yet pack up easily. The unique interlocking design allows wide flexibility in configuration.

This Scow Fleet Kit set includes:

  • 16 Scow Hulls – dimensions 3.75″ x 1.38″
  • 48 Sails (Mains, Jibs, Spinnakers/Chutes, Spinnaker Sprits)
  • 42 Extras (6 Marks, 2 Coach / Race Officer Boats, 1 Wind Arrow, 1 Current Arrow, 32 Rigging Pins)

This SailZing.com designed fleet kit was created in support of the ILYA #FairSailing Initiative to aid in racing rules education.

Fleet kit designs Copyright 2018 SailZing, LLC.

NOTICE: This is NOT a toy. Not suitable to use by small children. Small parts could be a choking hazard.

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