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Skills Kit – 2022 Edition: Enrich Your Dinghy Racing Curriculum

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Skills Kit is a dinghy racing curriculum that adds depth and variety to your current curriculum. Includes performance descriptions, hundreds of learning activities, and enrichment resources for students and parents.


Are you looking for more depth and variety in your dinghy racing curriculum? If so, consider the Skills Kit – 2022 Edition.

Skills Kit Features

Comprehensive topic coverage

Covers 25 racing skills, from boat handling to strategy to mental preparation.

Dinghy Racing Skills

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Faster path to good performance

Each skill includes a concise but complete performance description to help visualize what good looks like.

dinghy racing curriculum performance description

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Multiple ways to learn

350+ learning activities, including land demos/videos and on-water drills.

dinghy racing curriculum - learning activities

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Self-learning content

Engage students and parents with ~100 links to enrichment/reference materials.

dinghy racing curriculum - sample enrichment resources

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Mutiple Levels and Boat Types

Skills Kit content is sorted by three levels: Learn to Race, Intermediate Racer, Advanced Racer. Most of the material applies to any small racing boat. The content includes specific tips for Optimists and junior sailing sloops (X boat/420).

Evaluation Tools

The Skills Kit also includes evaluation forms with measurable performance standards.

No-Sail Activities

~25 activities for no-sail days, collected from various sources.

Evolution of the Skills Kit

The Skills Kit was first offered in 2021. Based on customer feedback, we worked with the Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) to develop two complementary products:

  • ILYA Racing Curriculum – 2022 edition. Set of 25 lesson plans with chalk talk points, 3-6 learning activities for each skill, and performance reminders.
  • Skills Kit – 2022 edition. Aligns with the ILYA curriculum but adds depth and variety. The Skills Kit can stand alone or as a companion to the ILYA Racing Curriculum.

Features Comparison Chart

ILYA Racing Curriculum SailZing Skills Kit
Covers 25 racing skills with tips for Opti, X boat, 420 at three experience levels
Performance reminders (abbreviated) for each skill
Performance descriptions (complete) for each skill
Land demonstrations, on-water drills, links to videos ~130 ~260
Enrichment/reference materials for sailors, parents, coaches General references to
U.S. Sailing Books
~100 specific references with links
Student evaluation forms with performance standards
Lesson plans and suggested road map for a 7-8 week course
No-Sail activities

What You Get

Skills Kit is available in PDF format to your club’s folder in SailZing’s cloud storage. You can download the content or allow cloud access to anyone in your organization with a link and password.

Your access to the 2022 edition does not expire. We plan to expand the content annually and will provide updates at a discount to 2022 purchasers.

The SailZing Skills Kit is protected by federally-registered copyright. By purchasing, you agree to restrict access and distribution to within your organization.



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