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ILYA #FairSailing Initiative

ILYA Commodore’s Welcome – #FairSailing

The #FairSailing initiative will impact all ILYA sailing in this and future seasons. Our region has taken pride in our adherence to the rules, our expectation of exceptional high standards due to role models such as Buddy Melges and Peter Barrett – in general, we value our consistent concern for the utmost in sportsmanship ideals.

Our decision to launch this initiative is based on a seminar held  last fall and on subsequent interviews with youth sailors and instructors. There was a consensus that ILYA racing was changing, showing a decline in sportsmanship. We believe it is time to re-calibrate our own compass. We want nothing other than the finest and fairest sailing.

#FairSailing includes these parts:

  • Tuesday Scowlines articles on rules and news about #FairSailing.
  • ILYA rules video or live presentation to your club, just for the asking.
  • Rules quiz to signify your intent to learn, know and comply with the rules. You can take this quiz until you pass it. Then you will be identified as a “fair sailor,” and will receive ILYA “swag.”
  • Your club will have an incentive to join as a “fair sailing club.” A special pennant will be issued if many of your sailors commit to the initiative.

View the #FairSailing Materials

ILYA Commodore’s Video Message 

ILYA Sportsmanship Video (Dr. Tom Hodgson)

News and Weekly Rules Articles

Take the #FairSailing Rules Quiz – get an ILYA hat or a neck gaiter!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up below or login to SailZing.com
  2. Once you login, go to #Fair Sailing Rules Quiz
  3. Take the 15 question rules quiz. The questions are not tricky, but will test your knowledge of the most important rules. If you don’t pass the first time (11 of 15 correct), you can re-take it as many times as needed.
  4. Once you pass the quiz, please go to the bottom of the results and click the button for the “next unit” to select your award and give us delivery information.
  5. Keep growing your rules knowledge with weekly articles in ScowLines, or on SailZing.com, or via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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