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StayTales – No-Worry Telltales by SailZing

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No-Worry Sidestay Telltales

  • Free-spinning, Tangle / Weather Resistant
  • High Visibility
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to Install & Removable for Trailering


Now New & Improved. StayTales™ are no-worry telltales for sailing dinghies, scows or other sailboats. They are free-spinning and tangle & weather resistant wind indicators. Offered in high visibility colors, they are lightweight and durable. An added advantage is that a StayTales telltale can be removed for trailering to events.


StayTales telltales are naturally durable due to their high strength cloth and easy removal for trailering. We’ve added to the durability with these new features:

  • Thicker holding washers. We doubled the thickness of the permanent holding washers for added longevity.
  • UV protection.  Each StayTale telltale is now treated with a UV fabric protectant to resist color fading.

Model Sizing

There are several models to fit various shroud/stay sizes. Measure your shroud size and pick the size closest to your size.

Check the size chart below:
2.29 mm [.090”] Melges 15, Wayfarer, Star Boat
3.18 mm [1/8”] Lightning, Thistle, MC Scow, C Scows (most), FJ, 420, X Boat, Etchells (backstays)
3.97 mm [5/32”] E Scow, Flying Scot, Ice boats, J/22, C scows (some)
4.76 mm [3/16”] Etchells

If you have questions about fit, contact us at Mail@SailZing.com.

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