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Olympic Course New Designation

Recently, at the Lake Beulah Yacht Club, we were discussing the new course designations. If you haven’t seen the updates, review them here: New Course Designations – Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020. One of our PROs asked the Sailing Commodore if everyone knew the designations for an “Olympic” course, because the PRO intended to set them. At the LBYC, we rarely sail Olympics anymore perhaps due to the size and shape of Lake Beulah and possibly some sailors find it unlikely to pass boats on a reach and so gaining positions is possibly “hard”. Our X-Boat fleet sailing instructions even prohibit Olympics, but not the other fleets to my knowledge. I find this regrettable because reaching is a critical skill to learn and big moves can indeed be made on a reach, if you know what you’re doing. I look forward to our next Olympic course, but in the meantime, below are the new course designations for what was previously called – The Olympic course.

What do you think of TWs and TLs? What tips do you have for reaching for advantage? Comment below.

TL: TRIANGLE-WINDWARD Course with LEEWARD Finish – Formerly Olympic
Course Diagrams - TL


TW: TRIANGLE-WINDWARD Course with WINDWARD Finish – Formerly Olympic
Course Diagrams - TW

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