Michael Lynch Dehumidifying Your A-Scow

Dehumidifying Your A-Scow

Michael Lynch, Lake Geneva & Browns Lake Yacht Clubs, shares his Aha! Insights about dehumidifying his A-Scow I-14 with SailZing.com.

I-14 & I-333 at 2017 ILYA Championship

Michael puts a dehumidifier inside his A-Scow at night to draw the moisture out of the gear and hull. He recommends one that has a pump to eject the water and not one with a holding tank as it might overflow and the water is till in the boat.

Michael got the idea from Brian Porter and Dave Davenport also dehumidifies his A-Scow.

SailZing.com’s Rob Hudson de Tarnowsky interviewed Michael at the 2017 ILYA Championship Regatta hosted by the Lake Geneva Yacht Club and Inland Lake Yachting Association. https://lgyc.com/ Lake Geneva, WI

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