Clean your pulleys: Debris after spinning following soak

Season Prep Tech Tip: Clean Your Pulleys

What are you doing to prep for the season? An easy performance improvement, especially for your mainsheet, is to clean your pulleys. Over the course of a season, lots of dust, dirt, road debris, and who knows what else can get into your ball bearings. Anything that makes the mainsheet easier to trim and ease is a plus!

Never thought about cleaning pulleys? We didn’t either until John Porter sent us this. Thanks, John!

How to Clean Your Pulleys

Remove your pulleys from the boat. If you sail in salt water, soak overnight in fresh water. Now, soak them in a container filled with white vinegar. Let it sit overnight.

In the morning, put more white vinegar in a bowl. Take each pulley and spin it while submerged in the vinegar. After you’re done, rinse well with fresh water, then put a drop of McLube One Drop in each side of the pulley on the ball bearings.

You’ll be amazed how much contaminant comes out of your pulleys. This is the debris that came out of three pulleys on John’s boat. The red container was the soak overnight. The white container is the spin before a fresh water rinse.

Clean your pulleys: debris after soaking in vinegar
Debris after soaking overnight in vinegar
Celan your pulleys: Debris after spinning following soak
Debris after spinning following soak

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