MC Scow User Guide, Part 1: Boat Setup and Maintenance

The MC Scow class is growing rapidly. Some of the sailors joining the class don’t have much sailing experience, so we decided to develop an MC Scow user guide to help them learn the basics quickly.

There are also plenty of MC tips on the MC Sailing Association (MCSA) website and the Melges website. Be sure to join the MCSA. This organization provides tremendous value to the class.

SailZing’s MC Scow User Guide

Our MC Scow user guide covers what you need to know to get started in the MC, with plenty of tips to make the process easier and links for more information. We’ll publish it in three parts:

  1. Boat setup and maintenance
  2. Basic sailing, safety, and seamanship
  3. Racing overview

Download part 1 of the user guide (pdf) here. Part 1 describes the MC scow in some detail and provides set-up and maintenance tips.

  • Hull
  • Gelcoat care
  • Hull structures – – bulkhead, backbone, etc.
  • Hull fittings
  • Mast
  • Mast fittings and rigging
  • Boom and fittings
  • Rudder, tiller, and extension
  • Bilge boards (also called leeboards)
  • Hiking straps
  • Mainsheet
  • Sail controls
  • Rigging the boat
  • Parts and accessories

To whet your interest, here are a few of the many questions answered in Part 1.

  • Should I coil my mainsheet?
  • What can I do about spider cracks in the gelcoat?
  • How can I keep my boom blocks from twisting?
  • What spares should I have on hand?
  • How do I know if my boards are far enough down?
  • What are some important upgrades to consider?
  • What is a gudgeon?
  • Can I step the mast by myself?

MCSA website
Melges Performance Sailboats website
SailZing MC Scow category

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