Optimist Sailmakers and Manufacturers Tuning Guides

There are lots of Optimist tuning guides available.  We’ve put together a collection of the most informative guides from major sailmakers and boat manufacturers.

Optimist Tuning Guides

North Sails

Quantum Sails

UK Sails

Ullman Sails

Olimpic Sails

McLaughlin Boat Works

Many of these tuning guides give dimensions in metric units.  Here’s a table of mast rake recommendations from Team Gnarly in both inches and cm to help you out.

Wind (knots) Minimum rake (inches) Maximum rake (inches) Minimum Rake (cm) Maximum Rake (cm)
0-5  109  110 276  279
5-10  110  111  279  282
10-17  111  112  282  284
17-21  112  113  284  287
22-28  112  115  287  289
28-40  110  116  279  287

Other Opti sailmakers include Colie Sails, Doyle Sails, Hyde Sails, and Win Design (Moorhouse-MacCausland).

Other Optimist boat manufacturers include Sturgis Boat Works, Zoum, Zim, FarEast, and Winner.

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